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Added:Apr 1, 2013
Updated:May 4, 2013
Package Author: ptitSeb

Grab your hand-held portal device and enter the test chambers for a
non-euclidean good time.

ASCIIpOrtal is a text based puzzle game inspired by the popular video game.
In ASCIIpOrtal you overcome challenges by placing portal way-points, joining
two points in the map. If they player or any object passes through one portal
way-point it will seamlessly exit the other. Since both way-points are the
same point on the map the player's view through the portal reflects this and
space warps around you as you pass through the portal.

From the main menu you can choose to 'Begin' from the first map, 'Select
Level' to visit any level you've already beaten, 'Change Map Set' to load a
new set of levels from any map set subdirectory in your ASCIIpOrtal
directory, Read the 'Instructions', view the map set's 'Credits', or 'Quit'
the game.

Within the game you can use the following keys to play:
Left/Right ........ Move Left/Right
Up/Down ........... Move Up/Down Ladders
or adjust aim.
(R) / (A) ......... Fire Blue Portal
(L) / (B) ......... Fire Yellow Portal
(X) ............... Fire 'Next' Portal
(Y) ............... Cancel Portals
9 ................. Game Speed Up
0 ................. Game Speed Down
Start ............. Menu
Select ............ Portal View Options
h ................. Help screen

The goal of each level is to make it to one of exits on the level. Exits
appear as an E on a green field.
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Additional Info
This version include custom levels also, with a menu to select which one.
To add your own level, put the folder inside appdata/ASCIIpOrtal/maps.

Version history

* New version based on latest code on git
* Level selection is done within the game now .
* Warning, if upgrading, you will lost your progression (save format is completly different)
* Many more custom level inside the pack, and you can add more
* Fullsceen fill the screen now (was 640x480 before).
* Should be compatible with Slackware.

* corrected packaging so last level is saved at exit.

* added "evil" custom levels, that I forgot durring packaging (a few but very tricky set of levels)

* Initial release
* default level maps (with tutorial), and custom levels (from standard distribution)
* ability to add more level
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02/04/2013 04:05 UTC
mm, just finished Portal 2 SP and I will have to try this! :) thanks for the port
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