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 Call to Power 2releaseBack
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Filesize:29.89 Mb
Added:Mar 14, 2016
Updated:Oct 9, 2017
Package Author: ptitSeb
Prepare to accept history's greatest challenge - build the world's most powerful empire over a span of 6,300 years, reaching from primitive history to the future realms of science-fiction. Take your place beside history's greatest leaders as you master the intricate strategies of governing, warfare, diplomacy, trade and science. Sow the seeds of an empire as you cultivate a tribe of settlers in 4,000 BC. Hear the cheers of approval as you lead your flourishing society into the future of 2,300 AD.

You will need the data from the Full version to play this PND.
If you have the gog version, the data can be extracted from the .exe file automaticaly.
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Additional Info
Here is Call to Power 2, the commercial Civilisation-like game whose engine has been open source by Activision

You'll need data from the full game to play this pnd. Either copy "ctp2_data", "ctp2_program" and "Scenarios" from an existing CtP2 install to appdata/ctp2 or, if you own the GoG version, just copy the setup exe and the start script will take care of the extraction.

The game use sdl, with omapdss to have a virtual size of 800x600, that is the minimum to have a useable GUI.

This linux port is at the same level as the mainstream Apolyton Windows port.

The engine now plays CD Audio music or ripped tracks.

History log
Build 03
* New build, based on latest sources
* New system to avoid filename case issue
* Added support to Ripped CD Audio

Build 02
* Fixed renaming issue (for Ext filesystem)
* Extraction of data now have a real percentage bar

Build 01
* Initial build

A thread is open here: https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/call-to-power-2.77100/

The sources are available here: https://github.com/ptitSeb/ctp2
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