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Added:Aug 24, 2014
Updated:Nov 30, 2019
Package Author: ptitSeb
John Romero's Daikatana (also known as simply Daikatana) is a science-fiction/fantasy first-person shooter developed by Ion Storm and published by Eidos.

Players control Hiro Miyamoto, a martial arts instructor in a futuristic, dystopian Japan (set in 2455 A.D.) where the world is run by powerful corporations (the most powerful owned by the ruthless Kage Mishima). After learning from a feeble old man (Toshiro Ebihara) that the current timeline is actually an alternate timeline after Kage has taken control of the Daikatana (a powerful, magical sword that allows its wielder to travel through time), Hiro (along with Toshiro's daughter Mikiko and a mercenary named Superfly Johnson) must recover the sword and, while traveling throuhg time, return Earth to its normal state.
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Additional Info
Here is Daikatana, the game from John Romero.

You need the data files from the original game. If you don't have them, a Demo pnd exist, ready to play.

The game use gl4es, and is configured with shoulder button as mouse button, and Nubs configured for FPS game (Left nub to move, Right nub to aim).

The usual configuration files (left_nub, right_nub and .noshouldermb) are also used.

A video of the Gameplay of a beta version on the Pandora, by Ingoreis is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHYco-ORFvo

History log
Build 06
* Fresh build
* Using latest libs
* Repackaged to fix some potential sound issue

Build 05
* Fresh build, with latest sources
* Using latest libs

Build 04
* Fresh build, with latest sources
* Switched to SDL2
* Using latest libs (Brightness should work nicely)

Build 03
* Compatible with Firmware 1.62 and later
* If on earlier firmware, no need to update

Build 02
* Fixed save issue

Build 01
* Initial build
* Pandora customization

Game is pretty hard, and dark (and gloomy for 1st world), so I suggest to put more light in the Option menu.

A thread is open here: http://boards.openpandora.org/topic/16887-daikatana/
Preview Pics
25/08/2014 16:18 UTC
If you escape from a game the Save option is highlighted but exits if you select it
25/08/2014 14:48 UTC
The Save function exits? Strange, I have to investigate that.
25/08/2014 14:45 UTC
This is working really well on my Pandora Classic, fast, smooth, incredible, wouldn't have thought it was possible. Only minor gripe is the save function exits out of the game but otherwise perfect.
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