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Added:Nov 12, 2014
Updated:Nov 21, 2014
Package Author: ptitSeb
Harmony is a 11-level stand-alone total conversion, created by Thomas van der Velden and released after five years of development.

In the near future: Led by greed and hatred mankind drove itself into another world war. The forces of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere attacked each other with everything their destructive arsenal had to offer. Nuclear, chemical and biological weapons wiped out entire countries. The combined effect of the weapons resulted in an unforeseen side effect; a supervirus emerged that mutated all the men on Earth. For unknown reasons the women were unaffected. But they weren't safe either...

The mutated men, though intelligent, lost touch with reality. From their corrupted minds a new order was formed; 'the Pax Pox'. Its first priority is to rid the world of the "impure".

The women who survived the war united to form an army against the mutant aggressors and called themselves "the Amazons".

Today one of the Amazon outposts is attacked and their leader; Amira is taken captured. Her last hope is her loyal friend; Harmony.

Will Harmony be able to rescue her friend and the rest of the human race?

This PND need the ZDoom PND to run.
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Additional Info
Here is Harmony, an free FPS based on the (Z)Doom engine.

Note that you will need the ZDoom PND Build 11 or more for this to run (like with all "runtime" PND, you don't need to launch it, it just have to be present and will be automagicaly used).

History log
Build 02
* Attempt to make it run on older firmware

Build 01
* Initial build

A thread is open here: http://boards.openpandora.org/topic/17316-harmony/
Preview Pics
15/11/2014 00:18 UTC
Not harmony or melody here. 1/5 ..will not open on 1ghz model w/zdoom. I have a headache.
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