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Added:Mar 31, 2011
Updated:Feb 26, 2012
Package Author: snes9x team / SiENcE / skeezix / Ivanovic / other contributors
Super Nintendo (SNES) emulator for the OpenPandora, derived from Snes9x4d (Dingoo) port.

This SNES emulator is running pretty well; for now there are no ASM CPU cores in place, so try overclocking to keep speed up where needed. This might be remedied once someone finds the time and energy to work on things (patches are welcome! ;) ). This emulator should run all games at full speed pretty easily if you overclock a little. Press SPACE to bring up the menu. The menu lets you change scaling mode, save and load states, quit, ...
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Additional Info
Changes in "1.39ff.20120226.1" compared to "1.39ff.20111215.3":
* Finally fixed OS Version detection.
* Changed default scaling mode to "2x2 no-AA" to make sure that the emulator always starts even if problems with hardware acceleration might occur (eg. with the experimental kernel or further problems due to libSDL and the OS version).

Changes in "1.39ff.20111215.3" compared to "1.39ff.20111215.2":
* Switched to the latest libSDL from notaz as of his thread, not the same as in the firmware. Also changed to script invoking it so that the lib is actually preloaded correctly.

Changes in "1.39ff.20111215.2" compared to "1.39ff.20111215.1":
* Compiled using a more recent toolchain (including additional compiler flags).
* Detect the OS version and use the system libsdl if >=HF7 is used.
* Ship the latest libsdl from Notaz as of SuperZaxxon Beta 1.1.

Changes in "1.39ff.20111215.1" compared to "1.39ff.20111213.1":
* Added a "toggle turbo mode" key and mapped it to 't' on the keyboard.
* Added a battery level indicator in the menu.
* Increased the number of savestate slots to 10 (instead of 4).
* Updated preview pics.
Preview Pics
17/04/2012 19:58 UTC
Hello, any chance you could implement basic cheats support ? like it is possible on Snes9x on PSP, that would be perfect ;)
18/03/2012 18:32 UTC
Pretty much every game I've tried works perfectly, except: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (runs really slow even with high frameskip) and Starwing (the background doesn't move along with the foreground objects when you go up and down).
27/02/2012 10:03 UTC
Oh, my apologies. I guess I missed that.
26/02/2012 13:52 UTC
@Silent-Hunter: Please read what I wrote in the boards at http://www.gp32x.com/board/index.php?/topic/55378-snes9x4d4p-another-new-build-now-with-hi-res-and-new-rom-picker/page__pid__964941__st__300&#entry964941 . The scaler is controlled by the OS, not the emulator!
26/02/2012 13:06 UTC
What about games that run crappy with software scaling? There's no plan for nonsmoothed hardware scaling?
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