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 Snes9x EX - Emu Ex Plus AlphareleaseBack
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Added:Mar 8, 2013
Updated:Dec 18, 2022
Package Author: ptitSeb
Snes9x EX
Emu EX Plus Alpha collection

This project aims to provide a series of portable game console/computer emulators for a variety of systems. It consists of 3 components: imagine (a multi-purpose multimedia engine), EmuFramework (shared routines and application structure), and the emulation back-ends themselves. The current target platforms are Android, iOS, WebOS, and Playstation 3.

This is the SuperNES backend, based on Snes9x.
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Additional Info
Port of Emulator from Emu EX Plus Alpha series.

This SuperNES/Super Famicon use SNes9x as the core of the emu, and GLES Hardware Scalling. There are 2 versions insode the PND. Start with the 1.43 for speed.
For games that don't work well with it (mainly sound related problems), use the 1.53.

Build 18


* Updated to latest source code
* Added WonderSwan emulator

Build 17
* Updated to latest source code

Build 16
* Updated (finally) to latest source code

Build 15
* Fixed the disabling of Screensaver at start

Build 14
* Updated source code
* Disable Screensaver at start
* Compiled with gcc 5.3

Build 13
* Fixed Crash in the Setup key GUI

Build 12
* Fixed Touchscreen for GUI
* Fixed Key Profiles
* Fixed Cheat
* Latest sources (still 1.5.29)

Build 11a
* Fixed Snes9xEX packaging (was an old version).

Build 11
* Fixed tearing, again

Build 10
* In sync with official v1.5.29 version
* Using GLES|2 now

Build 09
* In sync with official v1.5.15 version

Build 08
* In sync with official v1.5.15 version

Build 07 and older: see main thread

A thread is open here: https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/emu-ex-plus-alpha-ported-to-the-pandora.70450/
Preview Pics
30/05/2015 19:55 UTC
It seems there's a lib missing: ./s9x: error while loading shared libraries: libxcb.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
11/02/2015 15:27 UTC
When using a bluetooth controller, after a while the screen will blank and the emulator begins to freeze. Hitting a button on the Pandora will then unblank the screen and allow you to continue playing. Screen blanking is disabled on the unit, so I'm not sure why this happens. Any ideas? Thanks!
24/01/2014 21:42 UTC
This would be 5 stars if it supported the smoothing scalers like Scale2X, etc.
16/04/2013 21:21 UTC
Best SNES emulator out there. 5/5
14/04/2013 16:11 UTC
Tried the latest update just running Super Mario All Stars, and snes9x4p has a significant speedup when compared to this one. 900mhz, ReBirth Pandora. Maybe someday this will be my replacement, but not for now :)
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